Great new local bakery. Everything is fresh and homemade. The owners are a lovely husband and wife team that operate in front of the house/ back of the house style.Strawberry shortcake (birthday) sheetcake was the best I've ever had, along with absolutely delicious sfogliatelle & cannoli, and according to the owner the Babà Napolitano would knock my socks off... I've been looking for my socks for days! The Babà was as good as promised.

Amazing bakery! Happy this is in downtown Summit. Everything I’ve had so far has been great.

A nice modern Italian bakery with amazing cakes, bread, coffee and more. Strolled into this place Friday mid afternoon to get some doughnuts, tiramisu, Cortana, cappuccino - all were delicious. Loved the tiramisu. There’s also some seating so can enjoy when fresh and hot!.

The Margarita focaccia is so delicious. Took me me by surprise..I think it's the best I've ever tasted.